Server and Client Modes

posted Jul 8, 2013, 10:54 PM by cloud POS

Currently, POS IN CLOUD supports four different kind of operation modes -

1. Single device Standalone mode (offline & online)
2. Single device client mode (online operation only)
3. Multiple devices with one local server and one plus clients (offline & online)
4. Multiple devices without local server all clients connect to cloud server(online only)

Mode #1

set-up screen of Android installed as Mode#1

set-up screen of iPad installed as Mode#1

set-up screen of Win 8 App installed as Mode#1

Mode #2

set-up screen of iPad installed as Mode#2

set-up screen for Win 8 App installed as Mode#2

Mode #3

set-up screen of Android App installed as Mode#3

set-up screen of iPad App installed as Mode#3

set-up screenshot of Win 8 App installed as Mode#3

Mode #4

set-up screen of iPad installed as Mode#4

set-up screen of WIn 8 App installed as cloud client only Mode#4

POS IN CLOUD Network Setup Example Diagram -

How To Choose The Printers?

posted Jul 3, 2013, 9:29 AM by cloud POS

The 3" Receipt Printers supported by our App -

Compatible Printers List

The example setup screen of the two receipt printers - #1 is a ESC/POS printer at IP address, and the #2 is a label printer located at

How To Install Windows 8 App Works As Server or Standalone Mode

posted Jun 28, 2013, 11:33 PM by cloud POS

The Mobile POS can be used as stand-alone, server and client mode. The Windows RT tablet only supports "Client" mode. Therefore, if you launch the App under Windows RT,you can choose either connect to "Cloud server" on the cloud or "Network Server" on the local network. To enable the Windows 8 device works as server or stand-alone mode just choose "Connect to Itself", then click OK.

The CouchDB service is needed to support the standalone and server mode, please install the couchDB 1.2(or higher) for Windows on the machine before launching the App. Make sure you set up the couchDB as a service. For more detail instructions please go

The very first time you run the App, a setup screen will ask for the activation code which you should automatically receive when you register with POS IN CLOUD.
after entering the code, if the code is correct, a pop-up will ask you to select the store you want to install on the machine
It will take 3 to 5 minutes to load the store data into local machine, once loaded you will be able to run the App even offline.
 If you set your "request login" settings on portal as "Yes", then you will need to enter the password on the dashboard login screen, the default password is "1234" if you did not set up the settings on portal. Click at the "head" icon to login after entering the password.
you will be able to use the POS after you success log in
English Version
Traditional Chinese Version
click at the "gear" icon to get into settings screen, choose the "System" section to change the language you want to use, click at "update" button on top right hand side to update.-
To manage Tables
To Manage orders -
Order entry -
Payment screen -

To edit menu items -

To edit item options -

POS Basic Network Layout Example

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Following is an example showing the basic layout of the cloud-based POS networking which includes the wireless and wire connections. The IP address of each device is just for reference, the real IP address might vary depending on different network environment.

The following screenshot showing the networking settings according to above layout, you can open the screen by clicking at "Settings" button then choose "Printer" Tab -

The device IP can be seen on the dashboard screen -

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